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About Us is one vessel that we use to help support international awareness of resource conservation, domestic animal welfare and wildlife preservation. We will be unveiling several new concepts in the next few months to help bring to light many of the positive things these organizations are doing to help improve our Earth.


 You know, the only place we can live!


These are some of the organizations we currently support. We are growing this list on a regular basis as we raise awareness! 

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What is No Kill? What does it mean? What is the No Kill Equation? And, more importantly, what can you specifically do in your shelter or community to save more lives?


Learn all about it on this interactive web site, that includes free resources you can use to increase the number of animals that leave your shelter(s) alive.


These are proven strategies that have been deployed in thousands of shelters. We hope you engage, learn and enjoy, and, again, WELCOME!

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90% Norfolk is comprised of Norfolk citizens who are committed to saving all the healthy and treatable animals at our public, tax-payer funded animal shelter, Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC). Public and private shelters all across Virginia are saving 90%+ of the animals in their care. This success is happening in communities which are rural and urban, affluent and financially struggling and in sheltering facilities both large and small. It is happening because of the will and the mindset of shelter and city/municipal leadership.


NO KILL VIRGINIA: Our mission is to network all rescues and shelters in the Commonwealth of Virginia. By doing so, more animals can be rescued and we can build support for changing the laws in Virginia to end needless euthanasia and animal abuse.

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Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge believes in the importance of promoting awareness and appreciation of our native and migratory wildlife through education. It is only through knowledge and understanding that people will value, preserve and protect our environment, wildlife, and their native habitat, ultimately fostering a lifetime of care and respect for America’s wildlife and natural resources.

Education has been an essential part of the mission of Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge since it was founded. We offer a variety of educational programs facilitated by trained staff and volunteers.

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