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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Luke and his brother Bo are from the same litter and completely bonded. Luke is a little more reserved and it takes some time for him to trust but he is such a sweet boy with a loving face. Once he knows he can trust you, he is your shadow and the puppy in him comes out. He is eager to learn all the things he was never taught and catches on quickly. He walks beautifully on a leash. Even though he still needs training, he doesn't pull which makes him a pleasure to walk. He doesn't like to be crated but we are working on that as well as house training. As long as he is near Bo, he settles down quickly. He and Bo haven't quite figured out how to play and Luke doesn't take well to a dog that insists on playing. It will take time. He is fine with Bo eating out of his bowl, playing with his toys, etc but not so tolerant of others doing the same. Luke is a total love bug and has a calm demeanor.

Bo weighs 94 pounds and is bonded with his brother Luke who weighs 82 pounds. They will need to be adopted TOGETHER. Their former owner described them as active, playful and friendly. They love attention, love being outdoors, love people and have lived with children 4 years old and older. Bo is adorable and has more of a black lab appearance where Luke looks more like a mix of Rottweiler and lab.

Bo is very outgoing and loves to give kisses. Sometimes his tongue has a longer reach than your arms. After going through heartworm treatment, his energy is returning and he follows his foster mom throughout the house. Neither of the boys seems to understand play but he is trying to figure it out and I feel confident he will in time. Bo is sweet and loving. He needs someone who is patient with him while he learns all the things he should have been taught and never was. He is eager to please and has already started learning some commands. Although a little excitable when first going for a walk on a leash, he quickly settles down and walks nicely. It won't take much work for him to be a perfect gentleman.

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