Meet GOTTI JONATHAN! Gotti is good with dogs, cats, and kids. He loves them all (even babies). This happy-go-lucky guy loves a game of fetch, and when you say "last time,” he knows that will be the last throw. He heads right for the back door to wait for you to lead him in. He loves his "binky" (Kong) and likes to carry it with him or have it close by. Gotti is super sweet and does well when left unattended in the home. He does okay in a crate/kennel but prefers not to be in one when he doesn’t need to be. Who could blame him? He wants to be with his people and animal friends. He can guard his stuff from other dogs, so it is best to feed separately, and I would wager play with his binky separately as well. Gotti walks very well on leash and makes an excellent jogging partner! If interested in adopting or fostering, please contact us at for more info or fill out an application at

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