Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Archie is a handsome 5 year old American Staffordshire/Pit bull mix and our longest canine resident at the shelter-who is looking for the right pack leader and dedicated adopter. Prior to coming to the Norfolk SPCA, his life experiences were unfortunate and not what any of us would want for man's best friend. Archie is heartworm positive and completing his treatment while at the shelter. He's an athletic pup that lacked proper socialization at a young age and didn't get the love, attention and guidance needed to give him more balance and confidence. Archie has grown up in the school of hard knocks. That is why the Norfolk SPCA is committed to finding that exceptional adopter, the champion, who is experienced, knowledgeable and will be committed to providing Archie a future of positive influences, training and structure. Archie wants a friend and companion who will make sure he is successful. We recommend that Archie is the only pet in an adult home. Exercise, training, love, fun and consistency would be a dream come true for this very deserving dog. Archie's adoption fee comes with a few training sessions to get him started out on the right foot. It is important for Archie to have a chance at more than life in a shelter. Are you that adopter? Could you be the champion that he needs. Come meet Archie today at Norfolk SPCA ( 757-622-3319 ) and talk with our team, we can't wait to tell you about him!

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