Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Brie showed up at Lil Roar Rescue a few months ago with a litter of kittens and was hesitant but friendly and has gotten very friendly with us ever since. She seems young but no real good idea of her age. She is really beautiful - very slim and nice coloring. She is a good mamma and protective but she’s also comfortable with us handling the kittens. She is a head bopper and leg rubber - very affectionate - and I think will make a great indoor or indoor/outdoor cat with the right person. She is also a great hunter - she brought me three moles in the first week she showed up (and she had just had a litter of kittens). One week before she had her second litter my neighbor caught her chasing a squirrel and said she was a hair away from getting him too 😸 Mama Brie will be spayed, no more litters for her! Can you open your home to this beauty? Apply today

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