Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Meet 1901-1599 Carl (Special Needs)

Hello everyone! My name is Carl and I am an adult, neutered male kitty who is under 5 years old. As you can see I only have one eye. This happened a long time ago and it was surgically taken care of by a veterinarian. It was so long ago that I have adjusted to it. My previous people said that I LOVE TO PLAY! The staff here have also noticed that I am CURIOUS, I LOVE TO BE PETTED, I am LAID BACK, and SWEET! I do not like to be picked up probably because my depth perception is off (because I only have one eye). I am also looking to be your only kitty and I do need an indoor home because my vision is impaired. Are you looking for a HANDSOME kitty to join your family? Are you comfortable with my special need? If so, then come meet me! I am in the Transition Room at Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center waiting for a spot on the adoption floor so please ask to meet me! The staff will bring YOU to Me!

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