Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Sweet Clover, oh what do we say about her? For starters, her gorgeous brown and orange fur and dazzling yellow eyes makes her stand out followed by one of the cutest meows around. Speaking of meows, Clover loves to talk! She has a meow on the louder side, which simply means she knows how to grab your attention. Coming in as a stray, Clover is hoping to find a home on the "kicked back" side, meaning mellow. An older adult household or adult household with no small children or cats would be ideal for Clover. She is not the biggest fan of her feline friends or sharing her spotlight. As for dogs, we are unsure. In short, Clover would love to be your buddy for activities such as watching television, reading a good book, or simply "hanging around." If you're close, Clover wants to be even closer. Do you have it in your heart to spoil a senior kitty? She so deserves it!

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