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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

GINGER - 11-12 years old, house trained, good on the leash, 60 pounds, good with dogs and cats, may be dog selective, bring yours in to meet her, takes time for her to warm up to other dogs, commands- sit, shake, stay, down, sleeps at your feet, loyal, arthritis (needs time to loosen up in the mornings).

Unable to care for her any longer is something we see often and here again we have an 11-12 year old girl, GINGER, adopted as an older girl from a New York shelter surrendered for this reason. Props to this owner who didn't go for the cute puppy but instead opened the home to an older dog with the hopes I'm sure of giving her a forever home. Unfortunately we don't know what the future holds for us and it's clear although the family loved her, they had to give her up. They spoke so highly of her, giving us lots of information we will use to find her a new home. Ginger is house trained. She is around 60 pounds so a good strong healthy size. She is said to be good with dogs and cats but we always strongly encourage meet and greets so we can see how everyone gets along. Even if the meet and greet goes well, we continue our encouragement of supervision in the home, not advising dogs or cats or kids to be left to their own devices until everyone is settled, comfortable in the home together as a family unit. This may take weeks, even a few months which means it is a commitment. We want success. We want to set everyone up for success. A new family with a new dog needs to have that commitment in order to have a successful adoption. When it comes to dogs, we are told there must be proper introductions and proper supervision. Remember it doesn't have to happen in a day! It takes time. It takes time for Ginger to warm up to other dogs. She is a sweet friendly girl so ready to go for walks, runs, whatever you are willing to give her in the form of exercise! She is loyal, smart. She knows commands like sit, shake, stay, down. She loves to sleep at your feet. She is a patient girl who will also need time to loosen up in the morning as she does have some arthritis. Ginger is a good girl, pretty tan fur, floppy ears, a beautiful smile. The white on her chest is matched by a white stripe along one side of her muzzle. She's a pretty girl. She's ready to find a new home. She's hanging in our medium dog adoption kennel at the

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, 341 S Birdneck Rd. We are open daily except for Tuesdays. Her id number is 1812-1535 and she's waiting for you! Older dogs are the best!

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